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Cape York 2018 complete build

$999.00 $1,799.00

Special August - October Offer!

The disc brake equipped Cape York has been the solid, reliable flagship model in the Wayward Bicycle Co's line since day one.

As we all know... the best material to construct a touring bike of... is cro-moly steel. In our case we have chosen to use Reynolds 520 cro-moly as we can sure of the quality of the Reynolds tubing against the unknown factor of "house brand" steel.

Every component on the Cape York has been selected to do it's job, and do it well.

Whether you're doing the weekly groceries, scooting through traffic on the daily commute... or waking up somewhere just south of Coen, you need to know that your bike and the components on it are up to the job.

With clearance for up to 40mm tyres (if you remove the fenders).


Upgrades for 2018 include: Shimano hubs and DT Swiss 545d rims, Shimano Deore crankset with genuine Shimano BB52 bottom bracket and Shimano 9 speed rear cassette.

The Cape York is available as a complete bike and as a frame/fork package.

Colour options for 2018 are Night-Violet and Deep Gloss Black


Buying a bike online

Our bikes are partly built (about 80%), but disassembled enough to fit in a carton. So the front wheel would be off, the seatpost & saddle would not be in the frame yet, the front brake needs to be fitted & aligned, the rear brake are fitted but need final adjustment, the handlebar and stem are not installed, though the brake levers would be on the handlebar, and the handlebar will not have the bartape on it yet. The fork will already be on the bike, but turned facing back to fit in the carton.